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This website contains information about the Brno Erasmus Life 2005-06, Czech Republic. This is not an ordinary library. All persons found in this web site can be considered as books. Open them to read about their lives. These friends got together in the great city of Brno, Czech Republic, to be on erasmus for a couple of months, they came from all around the world, shared the same spirit and were just a bit different enough to make this page interesting.
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file:///home/pedro/Desktop/webpage/images/foto/party3.png NO    COMMENT!
file:///home/pedro/Desktop/webpage/images/foto/party2.png Kitchen party mess with the recepcion lady.
Police was called to stop the party.
file:///home/pedro/Desktop/webpage/images/foto/images.png See our fhotos in "people" link.
file:///home/pedro/Desktop/webpage/images/foto/terc.png Give us what we need, this means, give us new tabaco for water pipe.
file:///home/pedro/Desktop/webpage/images/foto/party4.png El zorro  plays guitar for benefit. In big room completly full mr. zorro played all the famous thems that the world knows by hart.
file:///home/pedro/Desktop/webpage/images/foto/party1.png Dirty Hair
Diane decided stop with that thing called "Take a bath", and she ended like this.

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